Dragon Wagon

by Dragon Wagon

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all songs written by Dragon Wagon (except Whiskey Before Breakfast, Traditional)


released July 13, 2012

Produced, Recorded, MIxed and Mastered by Michael Bustos



all rights reserved


Dragon Wagon Ann Arbor, Michigan

Dragon Wagon truly is Michigan Roots music at its finest. Their sound can be described as bluegrass-folk rock with a shot of Irish Whiskey. Dragon Wagon thrives while playing live, never disappoint with their honest music and genuine crowd connection, and is sure to bring an infectious energy that gets the crowd dancing and laughing along. ... more

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Track Name: Sophie's Start
Track Name: So the Story Goes
From the lakes of Pontchartrain To the lakes of Coeur d’Alene
To the lakes of Michigan
Im going home again

Which way did she go
To find her way home
I know we must be close
I think I see the shore

So the Story Goes
About two lovers about each other
So the Story Goes
You’re more precious than gold

Never fade from my memory
Live a river flows to the sea
This feeling inside of me
From underneath the roots of the trees

Like a perfect skipping stone
Trying to find its way home
I’ll never be alone
Cause this love is all I know


So the story goes
You’re more precious than gold
So the Story goes
of love waiting to unfold
So the Story goes
My love I’ve never told
So the Story Goes
You’re more precious than gold
Track Name: Lucky Man
Are you gonna hold my hand tonight, are you gonna hold my hand?
We’ve been walking in the pale moonlight and I feel like a lucky man

Work so hard in the fields all day, aint got a dollar to show
But the nights with lee on the walks with me,
That don’t matter anymore


Smile so bright, it outshines the stars
You’ve changed my life without even trying
And you’ll probably never know


Please keep me warm when the work is done
Get ready for the long winter months
They go fast just remember times past
In the summer months at dusk


When the springtime comes, will you be there after last sign of winters snow?
I sit back and I tip my glass
To my backwoods country girl

All I need is your love, and I feel like a lucky man

Track Name: County Line
He’ll mosey on, sunshine or rain, can’t keep his mind, off of her face.
But she’ll ramble on, no matter her fate.
It guides her along, lest she forget the way


Lay your head down, end of the day,
Dream baby, dream. So far away.

With renewed imagination, all the scenes you create.
Like the clouds against blue skies, millions of shapes.
He set out to wander, only made it one county away,
That’s where the tire blew out, so that’s where he stayed.

Chorus (x3)
Track Name: Wagon Wreck
Track Name: Burden to Bear
Well all in all I’m a little bit far away,
One foot here, the other in some disreality.
I don’t mind, ‘cause it aint no burden to bear.
So many different places to go, so many ways to challenge-
The nature of everything we know.

We all got our secrets, buried in some place behind our eyes,
And as the sun is sinkin’ low, it’s reminding me that someday I’ll be gone.
But I don’t mind, it aint no burden to bear.
We all got to keep on keeping on, you wanna end up with yours,
-you gotta get on up and move yourself along.

I was brought up to believe, we’re all together in this crazy world.
Mixed up as it is, and falling apart, we spin as one around a lonely sun.
And every day I pray, that we will find a way,
to somehow learn to get along

I used to think that your love held the key, but love alone may not be enough…
Not be enough…

That place where I escape to, a place where the light of love conquers all.
Please, don’t you get me wrong, I know there are two sides to it all…
And I don’t mind, ‘cause it aint no burden to bear.
Every Yin’s got its Yang,
Every up’s got its down, aint it strange how it balances out?
Track Name: Arbutus
Smoking Turkish cigarettes, you know I could not forget
Rowing on the lake just you and me
It was back in 99, the sun beat down the waves collide
With a daisy tucked down tight behind your ear


Oh Dandelion, you’ve confused me this time
How did we get from there to here?
Oh Dandelion, you are set deep in my mind
Back in 99 on the lake, so clear

On the lake so clear

They say that futures coming, and you can’t hide from it
From what supposed to be, so let your fear subside
Its like an avalanche falling down the mountainside
Or a westbound train with no end in sight

The future becomes the past before your eyes
We learn from our mistakes but they keep coming down the line


All the things we’ve said and done, all the things you’ve overcome
Don’t mean very much to you today
We learn from our mistakes, choose the path we take
In this life we keep on learning until we move on

The future becomes the past before your eyes
We learn from our mistakes but they keep coming down the line

Track Name: Haybaled
You’ve gone and left without a trace
Feels like you’ve kicked me in the face
Well now make no mistake honey baby
Cause you only want what you can take

You only want me when you’re lonely
Any old blind dog can see
You only want me when you’re lonely
But sometimes you hypnotize me
Sometimes you hypnotize me

Someone needs to put you in your place
All of the fun is in the chase
I think I made a big mistake last night
When I went back to your place


It's time to roll in the hay what do you say
This barn is filled with the haze
There’s nothing but coals left in the fireplace
It's time to roll in the hay
Track Name: One Turn
We are the daughters, and the sons of tomorrow,
We are the blood that makes the heart beat.
We must fight… rage against oppression
Can’t you see they mean to make here a police state?

I got a fear, something here is wrong I swear.
Everybody got to learn, you don’t get another turn, no…(x2)

All around the world there be wrong a-doin’
Who we gonna get to make it right?
‘cause all that evil needs to conquer all creation,
is for the good folks here, only but to stand aside.


All around the world folks are starvin’ and sufferin’
they wait in vain for some lonely savior.
And now the sun no longer brightens up their daytime.
The moon no longer cools downtrodden bones.

(chorus x2)
Track Name: Indian Summer
Track Name: Rabbit Hole
Not long ago when the circus came to town
Oh you know where I’ll be found
Somewhere in the house of mirrors
Where I can disappear

And your reflection affects everything
And nothing ever seems the same
Looking all around this purple room
How could we know that it would end so soon?

With a bottle of wine and a blood red kazoo
Velvet top hat and a handlebar mustache
Come gather ‘round, the Ringmaster shouts
Then he whispers and didn’t even make a sound

Sometime between midnight and first light of daybreak
The devil showed herself and I doubt that is was fate
All she wanted was my everlasting soul
Sliding down, stuck in this rabbit hole

As she softly whispered my name
I could feel my blood boil in my veins
Now nothing but that memory remains
Drinking whiskey, just trying to kill the pain

Track Name: One Less Wife
I set out from Ypsilanti, left my home that two room shanty
Headed for the country of the gold
My daddy said now don’t you go with that woman son she’ll rob your soul
Should have listened to my daddy and now I know

Panned for gold and made a life, earned some dough and found a wife
The hard time ahead I didn’t know
Who would have thought when we’d get back
She’d take that kitchen knife and find my back
Should have listened to my daddy and it goes to show

Don’t treat me like a fool
Don’t tell me to believe in things you know aint true
Don’t think that you’ve won, because you’re the one who’s gone
And please don’t treat me like such a fool


Now I’m back in the Mitten State
One less wife and life is great
Traveled around the country and now I know

Take what you’re told with a grain of salt
She’ll take your heart and then she’ll walk
Telling lies as she walks right out the door
Telling lies as she walks right out the door
Track Name: Whiskey Before Breakfast
Early one morning before the sun could shine
I was walking down the street not feeling so fine
Saw two men with a bottle between them
And this is the song that I heard them singing

Lord protect us, saint preserve us
We’ve been drinking whiskey before breakfast

Passed by the steps where they were sittin’
Couldn’t believe how drunk they were getting’
Said old man you’ve been drinking long
Long enough to be singing this song


Passed me the bottle said take a little sip
It felt so good, I just couldn’t quit
Took a little more, next thing I knew
There were three of us singing this tune


One by one everybody came down
Heard a ruckus and they all came around
Pretty soon all the streets were a ringing
Sound of the people laughing and singing